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3.1 Parts Of A Xynk Graph

The Graph window

The area of the window for plotting graphs is composed of 3 areas: the graph itself, the measures bar and formatting bar immediately above the graph, and the caption with ANOVA results and post-hoc symbol descriptions immediately below the graph.

graph window

The Parts of the Graph

Xynk's graphs are fairly standard, but here we define their constituent parts explicitly, to introduce the mapping of Xynk's controls onto the display and formatting of the graphs.

In general, the parts of the graph can be selected individually, and their appearance (eg font style, line thickness, stroke and fill colors, text of labels) can be set via controls in the formatting bar, via the graph panel of the inspector, or via the main menus -- these are all detailed in later sections.

Xynk graphs come in 2 formats: bar graphs and line graphs. The two types of graphs share most of their parts in common.

bar graph parts
line graph parts