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Xynk Privacy Policy and Your Data

Who are we, and why did we create Xynk?

Xynk is developed and maintained by Behavioral Cybernetics LLC (Dr. Thomas A. Houpt and Charles E. Houpt), who produce and maintain a variety of scientific and academic software applications. Xynk was created to provide a quick and convenient way to plot our own experimental data in a flexible and consistent fashion, and to apply standard ANOVA statistics that we use every day in our own lab.

What data is used and stored by Xynk?

Xynk runs locally on your Mac. Xynk does not transmit any user information or any user data other than what is required by the Mac App Store to confirm purchases and subscriptions. Your file data and use of the program is not known or tracked by Behavioral Cybernetics.

More questions?

Contact us at support@xynk.xyz


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