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Instant Graphs

Select your X category and Y value and your graph is immediately plotted. Graph elements can be styled quickly with a full-featured formatting bar or fine-tuned in the Inspector. For a consistent look, styles are applied to all the graphs in the file.

Line Graphs, too

Just one click to switch from bar graphs to line graphs. Repeated measures are plotted as sequential line graphs by default.

Explore your Data

A single click displays individual points on the graph for all the subjects. See the range of your data, and identify outliers right away.

Instant ANOVA

ANOVA is just another aspect of your data waiting to be revealed. Just as Xynk automatically displays means and errors, Xynk also recognizes 1- and 2-way factorial graphs and gives you the ANOVA results – instantly.

Post-Hoc Comparisons

Tukey-Kramer HSD and other post-hoc tests are run automatically. You can specify symbols for significant results using a sophisticated but easy-to-use comparison editor. Your significant comparisons are then plotted across all your graphs -- automatically.

Post-Hoc Symbols

In Xynk, post-hoc symbols are first-class objects. Because they're built into the graphs, you don't have to fiddle with positioning ad hoc characters to show your significant results.

Detailed Results

Full descriptive stats, ANOVA values, and post-hoc results can be viewed as tables, ready for copy-and-paste into other documents.

Intuitive Repeated Measures

Multiple single measure columns – each with the results of one trial – are easily grouped into a repeated measure. Repeated measures are automatically plotted sequentially and instantly analyzed by repeated-measures ANOVA.

Automatic Grouping

Organize your data into experimental groups, viewed in either a flat spreadsheet or as folding group outlines. Individual subjects or whole groups can be excluded from analysis

Import Data

Data sets – one subject per row, and one measure per column – can be imported from CSV or tab-delimited files. Or a new Xynk file can be created by copying and pasting data directly from a spreadsheet program.

Swap Bars

Transpose the arrangement of groups and subgroups with one-click of the "swap" button. No more trying to remember which are rows and which are columns!

Color Schemes

Apply built-in color schemes to your graphs (or design your own) for a consistent harmonious look.