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1.7 ANOVAs

If the data in the current graph meet the minimum requirements for running an ANOVA (i.e., 2 or more groups with 2 or more subjects in each group, etc.), then Xynk automatically runs the ANOVA. If the graph has 2 factors (that is, it has categories and subcategories), then a 2-way ANOVA is run automatically. The results are displayed in the graph caption, and significant results (p < 0.05) are highlighted in yellow.

If you have repeated measures data, but the groups are unbalanced, or you don't want to run a repeated measures ANOVA, you can have Xynk only apply a regular 2-way ANOVA by selecting Statistics -> Don't Use Repeated Measures ANOVA in the main menu. Xynk can calculate 1- or 2-way ANOVAs even if groups are unbalanced (that is, groups can have unequal numbers of data points). Xynk can also run 1- or 2-way repeated measures (with in-app purchase), but the current implementation of repeated measures requires balanced groups with equal number of data points in each group.

anova caption

See the section below on the Statistical Results Table to get the ANOVA and post-hoc results formatted in tabular form.