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How to Set Y-Axis Position

The Y-Axis is positioned along the left side of a graph by default, but you can move the Y-Axis to be at the right of the graph, or at a specific horizontal position on the X-Axis scale.

via Inspector

In the Inspector's "Graph" pane under "Y-Axis", use the "Axis Position" buttons. If you set the Y-Axis Position to "left" or "right", you can also specify an offset from the side of the graph (ie to provide a margin between the y-axis and the graph plot). If you set the Y-Axis Position to X Intercept, you can place the Y-Axis horizontally at a proportional value along the X-Axis. (Because the X-Axis is categorical, not numeric, you specify the X Intercept as a percentage along the X Axis, eg 50% is half-way along the X-Axis.)

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